10 Low-Waste Holiday Gifts

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10 Low-Waste Holiday Gifts

It’s that time of year again. The time we get together with our loved ones and celebrate. A time to share feelings, memories and of course, gifts. These presents are our way of showing people that we care. But, it’s turned into something really different recently. People are buying heaps of items that don’t get used, end up in landfills and are even getting returned - which is killing the environment. But, there is an alternative. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 10 Low Waste Holiday Gifts! 

Here at Naked Pinecone, we believe in creating a sustainable world where things get used, and very little gets wasted. We love gifting our friends, family and just about everyone else we know things from our shop! They are thoughtful items that are likely to be used again and again. We have a variety of options to suit everyone’s needs - including luxurious pampering products to toilet brushes. Now let’s dive into these 10 fantastic low waste holiday items: 



White Rabbit Skincare Giftset 

Everyone loves a bit of pampering! This gift set houses two of our favourite items in a cute, plastic-free box. You can gift this right away - and be sure to make anyone’s day.

The cleanser in this set is perfect for all skin types. It removes oil and dirt while hydrating your skin. It’s has a bright lime and coconut scent to really wake up your skin. 

The toner is bursting with orange blossom - to add a pop to the cold winter days. It is here to soothe, hydrate and nourish your skin. 

Give this gift to absolutely anyone. The products are gentle and soothing and suitable for any skin type. They’re also 100% vegan and 100% plastic-free!



Lamazuna Solid Shampoo - Vanilla & Coconut

This isn’t your ordinary shampoo bar. It is so decadent and adorable. If you know someone whose hair could use some hydration - this guy is here to help! 

The perfect gift for the traveller in your life, as there’s no liquid and it lasts as long as two bottles of regular shampoo! It’s so easy to store away in a cosmetic bag or suitcase. It’s also ideal for anyone looking for a luscious treat at home.

Indulge a loved one to this delight this holiday season - you might want to get one for yourself as well! 



Soapnuts Activated Charcoal Soap

Check out this gorgeous gift! Coming in at just £4 it’s an absolute must-have. 

This soap is moisturizing, detoxifying and great for dry skin! Filled with charcoal to purify, shea butter to nourish and avocado oil to heal the skin. 

The perfect soap for someone with oily or acne-prone skin - and a gift they’ll love to use. 

This award-winning soap is the only type of (char)coal someone will be wishing to receive on Christmas day. 

Betty Hula Shea Butter Body Moisturising Cream - Rum & Blackcurrant 

One of our favourite things about winter time is hiding away in a hot bubble bath. But, why does the magic have to stop when you step out? That’s where this delicious rum and blackcurrant cream comes in. 

Cover yourself from head to toe with this cream packed with shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and more. These are great for hydrating, repairing and leaving the skin super soft. 

If you’re trying to find a present for someone with sensitive skin then look no further. This cream is soothing and relieves stretch marks, scars and even sunburns.  

The pot is versatile as well! Use it to store trinkets, cotton buds and so much more once your cream has been all used up. 



Primal Suds - Boscanove Coffee Scrub Bar

We have the perfect thing for the coffee lover in your life - this scrub bar! 

Waking up to the smell of fresh coffee is one of the finer experiences in life - and now you can reap all of the benefits of these precious little beans. 

Coffee, chai and dark chocolate notes will dance around you as you scrub away. You might even be tempted to take a bite (please don’t). 

This bar is plastic-free and vegan too! It’s the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little pick me up. 


Primal Suds - Natual Soap - Dirty Basterd 

This soap is a Christmas time hit! 

A great gift or a sweet stocking stuffer. It’s playful and fun - and also a fantastic soap. 

Tones of Pine, tea tree, clove, cinnamon, rosemary, black pepper and grapefruit oil will leave you smelling great all day long. 

Not only will it give everyone a bit of a chuckle - but a smile too, knowing that nothing will be wasted here. 


Run With Wolves - Vegan Soy Candles - Snow Berries

Candles are a great gift. They fill the room with sweet scents that can send you away to a whole new place. Scents that bring back memories or remind you of seasons are a special treat.

This snowberry candle is a blend of cranberry and apple with a subtle hint of orange. It’s the bright scent of the holidays that can be enjoyed any time of year. 

That decadent smell comes from pure natural essential oils and they’re made from 100% soy wax which is renewable and sustainable. 

Wrap it up in recycled newspaper or top it with some winter flowers and berries from outside to create the perfect zero waste gift. Once the candle has been and gone you can even reuse the container again and again. 



Friendly Soap Travel Collection

This gift set is the perfect treat for any traveller. Extremely easy to carry around and pop in your bag. 

Everything from shaving to laundry is covered in this kit - and there’s absolutely no plastic in sight. 

You can pair it with a cosmetic bag from a charity shop to create the ultimate zero-waste travel gift set.

This treat is sure to be a hit with anyone you know and love. You may even want to throw in one for yourself before you head away on your next holiday.


Shade - Plastic-Free Natural Suncream 

Some of us like to get away for the holiday season.

When it’s getting cold outside, instead of staying inside by the fireplace - someone you know may be fleeing to Australia!

That’s where this fantastic plastic-free suncream comes into play. 

Our favourite thing about Shade is that it’s only four ingredients. It’s not filled with any extra chemicals or unnecessary fillers. 

It also makes the perfect gift for someone who loves to travel - as it’s so easy to transport and will come in handy when they need it. You’ll be protecting your friend and the environment. 


DIY Beeswax Wraps

There’s always something special about being gifted an experience. It brings us back to when we were a kid and we’d make playdough or other “concoctions”. Having hours and hours of fun just creating something new.

Beeswax wraps are an alternative to single waste plastic like cling film or foil. They wrap around your bowls and food to keep your food fresh or let you transport them with ease.  

These wraps are perfect for almost anyone. Gift them to a little one and help them create their very own wraps to make their school lunch a very special experience or give them to a business friend - to remind them to slow down and enjoy some me-time. 




We said that we were doing a list of the top 10 low-waste holiday gifts - but we couldn’t walk away without talking about this gift set! 

Wash, scrub and nourish your skin with this incredible range of palm oil free facial cleansers. Get lost in the scents of cocoa butter or rosemary and have your skin feeling clean and soft! 

These soaps are great for keeping on hand at home or tossing in your bag with you before you travel. They’re plastic free, cruelty free and come in recyclable cardboard making them zero waste! 

This holiday season, gift something that really matters. Be thoughtful to your friends and the planet. Browse our whole selection at www.nakedpinecone.co.uk to see what else we have to offer.