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Eco Living is an environmentally friendly company, producing and selling fantastic plastic-free goods. Their entire operation is carbon neutral, which means that the entire company has a net-zero carbon footprint. Eco-Living also plant trees through the Eden Reforestation Project - find out more about this project here, and are a member of 1% For The Planet - a global network of businesses, non-profits and individuals who work together for a healthy planet.

All the packaging for Eco-Living is plastic-free and we also make sure that when we ship to you we don’t use any plastic.

Read on to learn more about the fantastic Eco-Living products that we have in store.

Eco Living - Wooden Dish Brush

This plastic-free dish brush with plant-based bristles is an excellent addition to your kitchen. It’s fully bio-degradable and handmade with sustainable and vegan-friendly materials, and it works wonders with our plastic-free dish soaps/washing up soaps

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Eco Living Dish Brush 

Eco Living - Wooden Dish Head Replacement 

This is the replacement head for the Eco Living Wooden Dish Brush. It is made with sustainably sourced plant-based bristles. Being able to just replace the wooden head, rather than the whole handle reduces waste and is fully compostable, meaning your old head can be disposed of without going to landfills.

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Eco Living - Natural Nail Brush 

This natural nail brush is completely plastic-free, it is made with plant-based bristles which means that it doesn’t release any microplastics into the environment - what is even better is that it is totally vegan! Perfect for getting your nails clean after a long day in the garden.

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Eco Living - Dish Soap Bar 

This zero-waste soap bar is the perfect alternative to traditional washing up liquid. It’s an easy and sustainable kitchen swap which is great for removing grime and grease. It doesn’t have to just be used in the kitchen, it can be used all over the house. It’s free from palm oil, sulfates and parabens, it is also vegan.

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Eco Living - Natural Bamboo Cotton Buds 

These plastic-free bamboo cotton buds are made from sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. They come in recyclable packaging and are 100% biodegradable - so once you’re finished with them simply pop them in your compost bin.

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Eco Living - Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths

This four-pack of compostable sponge cleaning cloths are a cheerful bright yellow. Made of cotton, wood pulp and flax these sponges won’t leech any micro-plastics down the drain. Coming in a pack of four and packaged with natural string and paper these cloths are perfect for use all around the house.

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Eco Living - Plastic Free Toilet Brush and Holder Set

This toilet brush and holder set is 100% plastic-free. It is an easy bathroom swap that you can make in your bathroom to make your home more sustainable. Made with wood and plant-based bristles the brush will not shed any microfibers into the oceans. The holder is available in silver or cream, it is made from metal so it can easily be reused and recycled.

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Eco Living - Toilet Brush Holder 

This toilet brush holder is made from metal and is available in either cream or silver. It is the perfect size for the Eco Living Toilet Brush and is reusable and recyclable. Please note that this is the toilet brush holder only, it does not include the toilet brush. 

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Eco Living - Plastic Free Toilet Brush 

This, 100% plastic-free toilet brush, is an easy swap to make your bathroom more sustainable. It is made from wood and plant based bristles, meaning that no micro-plastics get washed away down the drains. 

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