Living sustainably:  changes you can make right now

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Living sustainably: changes you can make right now

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Living sustainably: What is it all about?

The phrases ‘sustainability’ or ‘living in a sustainable manner’ are being heard more and more in the mainstream press. While there’s no doubt that there’s a growing awareness about the damage our throwaway lifestyles are doing to the planet knowing where or how to start can seem overwhelming. But what can you do? How can you start living sustainably?

Sustainable living means different things to different people but, essentially, it means living in a way in which the planet, and it’s natural resources, can support indefinitely, for everyone.

At the moment, humanity is consuming resources faster than the earth can regenerate, using up the earth’s available bounty earlier and earlier each year. The point at which this occurs is called Earth Overshoot Day, in 2019 Earth Overshoot Day was July 29th. 


Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources (fish and forests, for instance) and services in a given year exceeds what Earth can regenerate in that year.

The WWF provides a basic environmental footprint calculator, this can be a great tool for seeing the impact that your lifestyle has on the world and everything in it. 


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Where to start

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All of this can seem overwhelming. What impact can one person make and where do you even start?
We get that it can seem all too much, but if everyone just makes the changes that they can then combined it will have a big impact on the world.

Living sustainably is not about one person doing it perfectly, it is about everyone doing it imperfectly. In this blog, we will help you to get started, read on to learn about some changes that you can make right now to live in a more sustainable manner. 


It is not about one person doing it perfectly, it is about everyone doing it imperfectly.


Swap out your toothbrush 

Switch your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo alternative.

  • The problem
    Swapping your polymer toothbrush for a bamboo alternative is a great place to start with your sustainable bathroom. Each year, in the US alone a  billion toothbrushes are thrown into the rubbish and nearly every toothbrush made since the 1930s is still floating around out there as waste.  It’s not just the waste that they generate, plastic toothbrushes are also derived from oil. A finite resource which is, directly and indirectly, responsible for a large amount of the world’s pollution. 

  • The solution

    Our Geoorganics Bamboo toothbrush is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable bamboo. This material is naturally antibacterial and the bristles are made from BPA free Nylon 6. What is more, is that the packaging is also 100% recyclable - a win-win!

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    Alternatively, our Hydrophil Bamboo Toothbrush is also BPA and toxin-free. Its handle is made from bamboo and the medium bristles are made from plant-based castor oil.

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Smell good the sustainable way

Choose a deodorant that is free from aluminum and made in a sustainable and cruelty-free way.



Wash your hair with care

Wash your hair with care, with a range of plastic-free, ethically created shampoos. Cut the plastic waste and your carbon footprint.


Scrub in style

Although it might not seem like it, the humble kitchen washcloth can be an environmental issue! Time to switch it out and scrub in style with an environmentally friendly alternative. 


Start living sustainably today

These are just a few changes to make to live more sustainably. Remember, as we said at the start, it is not about one person doing it perfectly, it is about everybody doing it imperfectly. Make the simple changes we suggested around the house and start your journey into sustainable living today.


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