Our 2020 Goals!

Our 2020 Goals!

The new decade has finally arrived! As each year comes and goes, it’s common for us to put aside some time to reflect on the things we’ve done, the things that we haven’t, and what we truly want to do in the future. Here at Naked Pinecone, we’ve decided to put our heads together and come up with some 2020 goals; things that really resonate with who we are and who we want to become. 

We’re going to start by diving into 4 of our goals as a business and follow that with 4 of our personal goals. Let us know in the comments at the end what some of your goals are for 2020!

  1. Building Better Relationships

This is our number one goal for so many reasons. Getting to know who you are will make all of the difference and through this knowledge, we can grow! Having a relationship with our customers opens up so many doors - allowing us to work together to bring people exactly what they’re looking for.

For us, these relationships work both ways. We take pride in our transparency and want you to know exactly who we are. A couple of girls who want to make the world a better place, and as cliché as it might sound - it’s the truth. We know that every decision you make has an impact, and we want to make sure we’re making good ones. That’s why these friendships and bonds are so valuable to us, and our number one goal. 

  1. Face-to-Face 

As Joe Gebbia said, “digital communication is completely different from in-person, face-to-face conversations. One will give you surface insights and the other really gives you depth.” We want to share our depth. Naked Pinecone is a passion project started right out of our home. By going to fairs, pop-ups and more events in person, we’re able to share the beauty and love that comes with the Naked Pinecone name, along with each product we’ve selected to have in our store. 

Another reason we love going to these events is that they let us get to know you better! We want to know what products you love, and yes, even the ones you hate. We want to build real relationships with our customers and create the best sustainable store out there!

  1. Getting Involved

This goal is going to be a fun one to achieve! We’re going to find ways to create more helpful channels that let you communicate with us directly. In return, you’ll be helping us choose products that you want and love. Whether that’s building links through social media channels, like Instagram & Facebook - or email, phone & more! The possibilities are endless. 

One way that we are going to achieve this goal in 2020 is by utilising tools that we already have on hand. This includes things such as Instagram story polls and our review section on the website - so keep an eye out! 

  1. Saying NO to Plastic

We are already almost completely plastic-free and our products were sourced with that in mind but going into the New Year we want to make sure we are 100% free from plastic! We are going to stop stocking anything with even the tiniest bit of plastic in it. Everything in our shop was hand-selected for lots of different reasons, sustainable ingredients, natural products, things that you can use again and again. That being said, we have decided it’s time to make sure everything we stock is  100% plastic-free. 

10% of all plastic we use ends up in the ocean and 100,000 marine mammals, turtles and 1 million seabirds are killed by plastic pollution annually, we’ve decided it’s time to stop. 

We’re also going to be saying no to plastic in other areas in our life too. Which brings us to our personal goals! 

  1. Sustainable Future

This is a reoccurring goal for us, something we’re thinking about every single day. We want to be sure that our planet is living and giving for generations to come. The way to do this? Build a sustainable world. 

We’re building a sustainable future by making simple swaps such as bringing our own bags when we do our shopping, turning down plastic products and walking or cycling when possible instead of using cars. All of these actions have an impact. The most important part of all of this is just being mindful of what we’re doing and making educated decisions. 

  1. Clean It Up!

Another thing we’d like to be checking off the list this year is for us to attend a local clean up. Getting together with the community to work towards a common goal makes so much sense and is a great way to get out and meet new people while helping the local area. 

There are many different options here - we could organise our own event or join one that is already established, like The Great Nurdle Hunt. There’s no limit to how much we can do!

  1. What's On Your Doorstep

We’re a UK based company, and one of the most important things for us to do while heading into the new year is  to explore and adore what we have right here in front of us. The world is filled with so much beauty but we can often forget about the amazing things that we have right here on our doorstep.

What is this going to involve? Sustainable and local travelling. We’re going to be taking trains and busses to see some new and exciting things that may have been passing us by. We’re going to take more walks and bike rides locally, to meet people and see the sights. We want to walk away from 2020 with a greater love and understanding of what we are so lucky to have.

  1. Spend more time outside

Piggybacking off of the section above, we think it’s important to mention this in its own right. This year we want to take more time to connect with nature and be outdoors - we’ve actually already started! One of the best ways to truly connect with our planet is to go out and see how she lives. 

Spending more time outdoors isn’t all nature walks either. We want to plant seeds and watch them grow, go for outdoor swims on warm days and really connect with mother earth.

All of our goals this year were made to have an impact on us and our environment. We don’t want to spend this year changing who we are as people, but instead developing and learning. With each year that comes and goes we are learning and enhancing our experience. 

Let us know in the comments below what goals you’ll be setting for 2020. We love to know what you guys are up to! You can also connect with us on Instagram to keep up to date with our progress.