What is Plastic Free? | 30 Ways To Start

What is Plastic Free? | 30 Ways To Start

Reducing your plastic is a topic we’ve all come across, and we’re so excited there are so many people talking about it today. Here at Naked Pinecone, we’re talking about it all of the time. But, recently people have been talking about ‘a plastic-free life’. 

Plastic-free sounds kind of scary - right? What exactly does it mean and how are we supposed to do it? 

In today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down the concept of plastic-free and touch on the different ways you can start to approach it. Before we get started on our list, we want you to remember that no one is perfect - and starting a zero-waste or plastic-free journey is going to take time. It will definitely come with its own ups and downs, but, in the long run, it will have a huge impact on you and our mother earth! 

What does ‘Plastic-Free’ mean? 

When someone is talking about living a plastic-free life, they’re most likely going to be talking about reducing their plastic. While some people can successfully live a life without plastic, most of us won’t. 

Think about the plastic on your keyboard or the trays we use to sprout our seeds, even the soles on tires (yes, even bike tires) are made from plastic. 

When a product is listed as ‘Plastic-Free’, it means just that. There will be no plastic in that product (we love that).

However, when a person talks about being plastic-free, it usually doesn’t mean 100% plastic-free - like a product would be. That being said, there are some people who have proven that it is possible - maybe you’re one of them!

We’ve touched more on this topic in our previous blog, ‘Can you live without plastic?’.

How do I go Plastic-Free? 30 ways to get you started!

There are so many different ways to go plastic-free, but a lot of them depend on the amount of plastic you are already using. We’ve put together a list of. Heck - you could even do some right now if you want to! 

  1. Look for second-hand electronics before you buy new ones. 
  2. Bring your own bags grocery shopping to avoid plastic ones. 
  3. If you’ve forgotten your bags, ask them if they have empty produce boxes in the back for you to place your items in (they usually do). 
  4. Look into plastic-free feminine hygiene like these cotton tampons!
  5. Explore plastic-free suncream products this summer.
  6. Stop eating out so often - most restaurants will have food brought in plastic bags and containers. 
  7. Research a restaurant before you eat there - choose sustainable and local ones when possible. 
  8. Bring your own boxes for takeaway to avoid the typical plastic containers. 
  9. Try these beeswax wraps the next time you have leftovers.
  10. Wash your dishes with a plastic-free dishwashing block
  11. Use biodegradable cloths instead of plastic ones. 
  12. Swap your plastic sponges out for an eco alternative
  13. Switch to bar soap instead of liquid ones. 
  14. Say goodbye to plastic shampoo bottles and hello to shampoo bars! 
  15. If you love to colour your hair, try henna instead of a dye that comes in a plastic tub.
  16. Choose toilet paper that is made from bamboo or other recycled material. 
  17. Buy your produce locally.
  18. Grow your own food (if you can!) you can do this indoors too. 
  19. Check out Gumtree, Freecycle and other online spaces for second-hand items. This will stop the demand for more plastic products to be produced. 
  20. Learn how to fix things when they break! There are a lot of workshops available along with online resources. 
  21. Say no to notebooks! If you already own a computer or laptop - start taking notes on there instead. 
  22. Find local zero-waste or bulk buy stores in your area. Don’t forget to bring your own jars and cloth sacks
  23. Shop at thrift stores for shoes, raincoats and other plastic clothing you may be seeking. 
  24. Look for plastic-free shoes - and support the businesses making them! 
  25. Refuse to buy single-use items for your next party. You’ll have more to clean up, but the planet will thank you. 
  26. Try lip balm that comes in reusable metal containers instead of the typical plastic ones. 
  27. Politely let your friends know you don’t want any plastic gifts, balloons or flowers for birthdays and other celebrations. (Tell them you want potted plants instead!)
  28. Buy your bread from a bakery or make your own at home to reduce your plastic. 
  29. Make your milk alternatives at home - such as this almond milk
  30. Try washing your clothes with SOAPNUTS - they grow on trees! 

This list is just here to set you off in the right direction. There are endless ways you can cut down on the plastic in your life. One of the best ways to get started on this is to walk around your house and see all of the plastic items you own or make a list of the single-use items you purchase. Once you have a good idea of what your habits are - you can then find ways to break them with alternatives. 

Plastic Free Every Day

Making the transition to a plastic-free life is going to take a lot of trial and error. Once you start to open up your mind and become more aware of our plastic problem, you’ll see it’s everywhere. Nowadays, you can’t walk into a grocery store without seeing produce wrapped in plastic - even when it has its own organic protective layer! 

As we become more aware and start actively making changes, things will get easier. The more we decide to say no to plastic - the more plastic-free options will come. 

If you decide to make a plastic-free decision every day, you will make a huge difference; even if it’s just one little thing.