Eco Living - Plastic Free Toilet Brush

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 This 100% Plastic Free Toilet Brush from Eco Living is such an easy swap to make your life more sustainable, while also keeping your bathroom stylish! The toilet brush has plant based bristles meaning it will not shed any micro-plastics into the ocean, and is compostable after use. 

  • 100% vegan and sustainable materials
  • Plant based bristles
  • Plastic Free Toilet Brush is 100% biodegradable and compostable
  • Handmade in Germany


Why we love it?

The plastic-free toilet brush is sourced from sustainable materials and has Tampico Bristles from the agave cactus. The handle is made from locally grown beech wood. Another eco-friendly swap that won't impact your quality of life or the environment!

Size: 35cm x 8cm approx.