Eco Living - Wooden Dish Brush

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This Plastic-Free Dish Brush with plant-based bristles is the perfect addition to creating your very own zero-waste kitchen. The Dish Brush is fully biodegradable and handmade with sustainable and vegan friendly materials. When it's come to the end of it's life you can simply compost the dish head and replace with a new one - no need to replace the entire handle too. 

  • Plastic-free dish brush is biodegradable 
  • Handmade from sustainable and vegan friendly materials
  • Dish Brush head is fully replaceable 
  • Bristles are plant-based therefore will not shred any micro-plastics


Why we love it?

Firstly, these wooden dish heads last for ages, which has meant for us it's been more cost effective, especially when we only have to replace the head (not that we've even needed to do that yet!) Using this dish head from Eco Living has meant we don't need to worry about any micro plastics slipping down the drain and into the ocean as the bristles are plant-based and fully biodegradable - woohoo! An all round eco-friendly alternative!