Homa London Reusable Beeswax Wraps - Mixed Pack

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These handmade, reusable beeswax wraps from Homa London are an eco-friendly alternative to cling film and tin foil. The wraps naturally stick to each other making it easy to wrap around food or bowls.  

1x Small: 18cm by 20cm 
1x Medium: 28cm by 26cm
1x Large: 33cm by 36cm 

Small wraps are great for wrapping pieces of fruit, covering small bowls or jars. 
Medium wraps are great for wrapping sandwiches, bowls and blocks of cheese. 
Large wraps are great for covering casserole dishes, loaves of bread or large leafy vegetables. 

How to look after them: 
- Wash with cool water and soap, then hang to dry
- Do not use them to wrap hot food, wait for the food to cool 
- Not suitable for microwave use
Your wraps will last between 9 months to a year with regular use.

Materials: beeswax, pine resin, jojoba oil, cotton

These wraps are hand made in a kitchen so MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF NUTS AND OTHER ALLERGENS