Soapnuts - Lemon & Avocado Shampoo Bar

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This shampoo bar made with lemon and avocado is gently cleansing without stripping your hair and moisturising for a beautiful head of fresh, bouncy and nourished hair. 

ORGANIC AVOCADO OIL is good for moisturising dry, brittle and damaged hair. It’s also great for deep conditioning, strengthening hair and adding shine. The vitamins, amino acids and high fat content promote healthy cell growth and are great for maintaining and healing dry, itchy scalps.

PURE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND with Lemon, May Chang & Ylang is balancing and will control excess oil production, as well as being rejuvenating with an uplifting fragrance.

Suitable for all hair/skin types, especially for problem, sensitive and combination hair/skin.