Primal Suds - Natural Soap - Cavewoman Ramie

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As they say at Primal Suds 'Cavewoman Ramie Soap is an experiment gone wrong, but so right!' They mixed red clay with white clay expecting pink, but it came out purple! It looks awesome however, so they left it that way. Cavewoman Ramie Natural Soap smells like marshmallow, rose and rhubarb with a hint of gin - whats not to love!?


  • Cavewoman Ramie Natural Soap
  • Marshmallow, rose & rhubarb scents with a hint of gin
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Plastic Free

Why we love Cavewoman Ramie Natural Soap

The Cavewoman Ramie Soap by Primal Suds is the perfect partner in crime to the Caveman Black. Similar to the Caveman Black, the Cavewoman Ramie Soap is excellent for exfoliating and adding moisture back in to your skin - except it's more awesome, because it's purple! Most of all, with all Primal Suds soaps and shampoo bars, they are all handmade, completely vegan and our favourite no plastic and no waste!



All natural essential oils, natural colours, no nasties, high in coconut oil, added oats for moisturising and exfoliant.