Our Story

At Naked Pinecone, we believe everyone should take a step back to basics and enjoy treating ourselves the way nature intended. We don’t need to use products with toxins, parabens and other unnecessary sh*t, we don’t want to use products that have been tested on animals, and we certainly don’t want to use products that use pointless amounts of plastic. We want to be at one with nature, we want to feel naked!

We are Naomi and Rachael, two individuals with a passion for travel and a better way of living. Having both spent time travelling the world we have seen first-hand the damage being caused to our planet. Heck, you only have to step outside your front door to see it.

We have made it our mission to source a selection of organic, natural and guilt-free products so you can trust that buying from Naked Pinecone will have a positive effect on the environment.