Beauty Kubes Shampoo - Normal Hair

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With biodegradable packaging, Beauty Kubes have created a fantastic plastic free alternative to shampoo and conditioner. The Beauty Kubes range are 100% vegan friendly and made with only natural ingredients. An innovative take on shampoo bars, these fun little shampoo Kubes leave your hair looking and feeling healthy, shiny and super soft!

A zero waste, organic shampoo for normal to dry hair, vegan friendly and 100% free from plastic packaging - what more could you want?

  • Zero-waste shampoo for normal to dry hair
  • Biodegradable packaging 
  • Organic Shampoo and Vegan Friendly
  • Made locally in the UK


Why we love Beauty Kubes

They are really easy to use, simply take one cube into the shower and crumble it up in your hands with a drop of water turning it into a nice paste, and then lather it up in your hair. 

Best of all, you can treat yourself to an extra 5 minutes in bed as most people don't even need to condition after using these little Kubes of awesome!

 27 Kubes per pack