Eco Living - Wooden Dish Head Replacement

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This wooden dish head from Eco Living is the replacement head for your Eco Living Wooden Dish Brush. Made with plant-based bristles which have been sourced responsibly you can replace just the head of your wooden dish brush rather than the whole brush with handle. Once replaced, you can simply compost your old wooden dish head as this is fully biodegradable. 

  • Replacement head for your Wooden Dish Brush
  • Plant-based Bristles
  • Made from vegan and sustainable materials
  • 100% Plastic-free and Marine-safe


Why we love it?

We LOVE reducing waste biodegradable or not, which is why this dish head replacement is perfect! We get to keep using our much loved handle and just replace the top. Plus, it's a real money saver too! They are handmade in Germany with Tampico fibre bristles and locally grown beech wood. 

Please allow the brush to dry completely in between uses.

Brush Head diameter: 4cm