Elsa's Natural Deodorant Mini's - Lemon Ice

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Elsa's Natural Deodorants are made with all natural ingredients, so you can be sure you won't be putting any harmful chemicals on your sensitive pits. They are packaged in plastic-free tins which can be reused or recycled after use. These are the mini tins, so are perfect if you're just wanting to test out Elsa's deodorants (be warned you'll never use anything else after), if you have a short trip coming up, or if you're putting together a plastic-free hamper as a gift. 

  • Lemon Ice edition of Elsa's Natural Deodorant
  • All ingredients used are natural with no aluminium 
  • Vegan friendly and sustainably sourced
  • Mini tin perfect for a first user, a short trip or as a little gift


Why we love Elsa's Natural Deodorants 

Simply put, these are Naomi's absolute favourite natural and plastic-free deodorants, she won't use anything else now. Her favourite is the Lemon Ice, although she's quite partial to the others too! The tins are a great size for travelling with, and every time you move you'll get to enjoy the scent all over again!


How to use?

Massage a pea-sized amount with your finger on to clean dry skin and let it melt into your skin. Can be used for under arms, between the toes or wherever your body needs odour assistance. Like any skin cream, it’s applied with your fingers, and there’s no need to wash your hands after.
Breathe in whenever you need a pick me up or an instant Boost.