Primal Suds - Mini Soap Ladder

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Short but sweet, store your suds on this Mini Soap Ladder. Primal Suds have created this awesome soap ladder made from Bamboo as the perfect place to store all your shampoo bars, soap bars and even your DISH SPLASH! 

  • Mini Soap Ladder from Primal Suds
  • Made from Bamboo
  • Helps all your suds dry quickly
  • Not safe for climbing!

Why we love the Primal Suds Soap Ladder?

We have been looking for somewhere to store all our soaps in the bathroom for a while now! Too many times we have found plastic soap holders, or ones without holes. And you know what - Soap Holders without holes just won't do - they store the water and the soap never gets dry! But this delightful bamboo Soap Ladder from Primal Suds have solved all our problems and now our soaps dry in no time!