Safix - Plastic Free Coconut Fibre Body Scrub Pad

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A natural reusable body scrub pad, ideal for knees and feet or anywhere else you may get rough skin. This coconut body scrub is 100% plastic free and can be composted at the end of it's life. The rounded edges make scrubbing hard skin effortless. 

  • Eco-friendly Body Scrub Pad
  • Perfect for scrubbing dry areas knees, feet, elbows etc
  • Made from natural coconut fibres
  • 100% plastic-free and biodegradable



Why we love the body scrub pad?

Who doesn't want super soft skin? These coconut body scrubs are the perfect addition to your zero-waste bathroom. They are super durable you can reuse them time and time again and eventually when you've used it to death, you can simply pop it in your compost bin!