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We are so in love with this nüdie period cup from &Sisters! Made from a silky smooth hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone designed for extra comfort, it is a great environmental, no-waste and economical alternative to tampons and pads.
Designed for every woman, from teens upwards, nüdie is perfect for every day of your period from light to very heavy flow days. The cup maintains the natural pH balance of your vagina by collecting your menstrual fluid rather than absorbing it which makes it perfect for sensitive skin or those susceptible to dryness. Every nüdie cup has the capacity of at least three mini tampons and is non-toxic, latex-free and BPA-free.
Ideal for travelling, swimming and exercising, it gives up to 12 hours of protection and is small and convenient enough to take everywhere. It also comes with an easy to understand guide and a small cotton bag ideal for storage on-the-go!
Lasting up to 10 years, nüdie can help you save over 2,000 disposable period products and minimise your carbon footprint.
Designed in London by women, for women, and with 10% of all profits going to supporting women’s health, education and economic empowerment, it is better for your body, for the planet and for womankind.

Rather than a stem that often needs cutting, leaving a rough edge, nüdie is created with an easy-to-hold Pebble™ pull for hassle free removal. It also has a smooth rounded rim for easy insertion and a secure hold and reinforced the connection between base and pull (so it doesn’t feel like the pull will come away from the base!)

They also tested three vs four air holes, (three won out!) and the Tri-flow™ air release holes have the bonus that as there are fewer of them, they’re easier to keep clean – win-win.

Working out your size can be tricky as we are all different. Sometimes it is a case of trial and error. If you have a size S nüdie cup and it continually moves around or leaks, then it may be that you need a larger size (M or L). If you find the size L leaks, pelvic floor exercises can be very effective at strengthening the muscles that hold period cups in place.

S - Perfect for users under 18

M - Perfect for those aged 18 to 30 who have not given birth vaginally

L - Perfect if you have given birth vaginally or are over 30 years old.

Size Diameter Total Length Capacity
 Small/Teen 38mm 56mm 18ml
Medium 42mm 61mm 24ml
Large 46mm 66mm 32ml